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My (son/daughter) does not play hockey, will they be able to play floorball?

Yes. Although floorball resembles and plays like hockey, the rules and strategies are more like soccer. That said, the game is not overly complicated and only requires a little dexterity to play. Floorball is easy to learn and soon players who have not played hockey before, will be up to par with stick handling, shooting and passing as those who do play hockey.

What kind of equipment is needed to play floorball?

Floorball uses a special lightweight stick and wiffle ball. You can purchase a stick from your club or local sports stores. It is important to get the right height floorball stick (typically the handle shold reach to within 3” of a players belly button) Other than the floorball stick, players will need basic gym gear (shorts, t-shirt, running shoes) and if necessary, eye protective wear.

What is the difference between floorball and floor hockey?

That’s one of the most commonly asked questions.  Floorball may resemble indoor floor hockey but there are distinguishable differences that make floorball more safe, fast & fun:

  • Floorball uses a special lightweight stick and wiffle ball
  • The rules of play promote safety compared with other forms of hockey like:
    • Floorball requires that the stick remains under waist level during play
    • Floorball does not allow body checking or slashing of body or sticks
    • Players are not allowed to stick lift, put their stick between players legs, grab the ball with their hands, jump in the air or lay down on the floor surface while playing
  • Floorball does not require that you have experience or hockey skills in order to compete
  • Floorball emphasizes skill development and ball movement over physical assertiveness
  • There are no offsides, which encourages a fast paced game using the entire playing area

Floorball goalies remain on their knees, have a protective crease where no players are permitted even their own, do not have a stick and handle the ball in ways similar to a soccer goalie

How old do you have to be to play floorball?

Floorball is perfect for all ages ranging from 6 and up. Most clubs offer various age brackets like U10, U12, U14, U16, U19, Adult and Seniors. Most clubs are recreational so players can learn and develop their skills. As players become more skilled and older, they can play in leagues that are competitive. Male and females can play floorball together as the sport does not give any advantages over over either.

Is there a place where my (son/daughter) can try floorball before committing to join a club?

Most clubs will offer a FREE Discover Floorball night prior to the startup of their clubs and league play. This provides an opportunity to those who are new to floorball to try it without committing to signing up. Sticks are provided and players will have the ability to participate in drills or mini games to get a feel for the sport. There are a number of good videos worth referencing before trying floorball, as they will help the player/ parent get a good understanding of the sport, type of play and rules (see VIDEOS).

How much does it cost to play floorball?

Floorball registration fees can range from $199 to $299 + tax per season. Clubs offer early bird registration incentives, discount for multiple players in a family, offer a returning player discount and may also charge a late registration fee, so the registration price can fluctuate depending on the market and demand in each club. Other than registration fees, players will need a floorball stick, which can range in price from $40 to $200.

MHA Cross-Training Clinics

Are helmets mandatory for floorball?

Helmets are not used in the sport of floorball, however, the discretion is left to the coach/ parents as to the need to wear a hockey helmet and cage/visor. Where young players have never played floorball, we always recommend some sort of eye protection as sticks and balls are not as controlled as the more advanced floorball players.

What type of equipment/clothing do the players need to participate in the MHA Floorball XTraining Clinic?

Players will need comfortable gym like clothing and clean indoor footwear that offers good traction and ankle support. It is important that the indoor footwear be able to be secured (tie shoelaces) as there are frequent stop-starts and turning and loose footwear can impede movement or cause ankle fatigue/ injury.

Players should also consider eye protective wear, especially if they are not experienced and just learning the sport of floorball.
Players do not need hockey gloves or hockey sticks.

Premier Floorball supplies MHA teams floorball sticks, floorball balls and nets to use during the MHA XTraining Clinic. If players have their own floorball stick, they are encouraged to bring them to the MHA XTraining Clinic.

What happens during a MHA Floorball XTraining session?

Like many of our other clinics, workshops and programs, the preference is for the players to have fun and enjoy their time with floorball, so we usually opt to have them play a series of mini floorball games. The sport of floorball is fast and requires an increased sense of awareness and agility. Unknown to the players, during a game of floorball there will be many ball touches, transitions in play, frequent stop-starts and quick decisions all in a small area, at a higher tempo and requiring the same skill sets/ muscle use as hockey (stick handling, passing, shooting).

While the players are engaged in the game of floorball, our instructors will be referencing fundamental terminology that the players are accustomed to in ice hockey, so as to make them more aware of their play (time & space, play options, read & react). Speaking to players while they are engaged in the sport helps reinforce many of the fundamental concepts of sport by creating mental awareness with physical activity at the moment of play.

Are the players insured?

Most MHAs have an insurance rider that permits teams to participate in MHA approved sports/ activities outside their regular on ice practice or games. Proof of this insurance is required from MHA team prior to participating in a MHA XTraining Clinic.
In the event a MHA does not carry this rider, Premier Floorball players and facilities are all insured thru Floorball Canada insurance, and additional insurance costs are charged.

Do hockey goalies need to play in nets during the clinic?

Premier Floorball MHA XTraining Clinics prefer not to have goalies simply because floorball goalies require specialized goalie gear and larger nets. Having to outfit goalies and transport large nets is encumbering to operating clinics. Instead, foldable mini nets are used. These mini nets require no goalie and challenge players to hit a small target, forcing them to move the play up court and be more accurate in their shooting.

School Workshops

What are the school floorball programs?

There are TWO types of school programs: School Workshops and After School/ Lunch Programs

The School Floorball Workshops break down further into two options:

  1. Trainer the Teacher whereby Premier Floorball offers one hour of classroom instructions on the sport of floorball (history, rules of play, equipment, floorball activities and Hockey Canada School Floorball Curriculum) and one hour in the gym to play floorball and learn the rules and conduct of play. These workshops are specifically for teachers, school instructors, parent volunteers and/or any persons who will be conducting the floorball programs after Premier Floorball.
  2. In Gym Floorball Sessions whereby premier Floorball offers 2 hours of floorball with students during regular school hours or after school. Teachers have the option of selecting students, coordinating different grades or having students sign up. These 2 hour sessions are designed to be a basic introduction to the sport of floorball. The Premier Floorball instructor demonstrates the rules of play, then referees a series of mini games. Depending on the number of students, teams and mini game times will vary.

The After School/ Lunch Floorball Program is typically a one hour per week floorball program over a ten week period. The first week focuses on an introduction to the rules, proper use of the equipment, drills & skills and a mini game. The remaining nine weeks consist of the same students playing floorball either after school or during lunch. Teams are usually formed every week and game duration decided depending on the turnout of students (full hour or series of mini games)

NOTE: Schools should consult with Premier Floorball on the number, grade, age and ability requirements of students prior to choosing either/ both school program so that the Premier Floorball instructor can prepare to bring proper equipment, teaching aids and determine space requirements.

What does it cost to run a floorball program in a school?

The price for a School Floorball Workshop starts at $65 + tax per hour and requires a minimum of two hours for each day the workshop is performed. If more time is required, in addition to the first two hours workshop, schools can pre arrange that directly with the Premier Floorball instructor once the original 2-hr School Floorball Workshop is confirmed. From time to time Premier Floorball offers promotions that will reduce the price for School Floorball Workshop, particularly if it is the FIRST time a school has had a Premier Floorball workshop.

The price for a 1 Hr x 10 Week After School/ Lunch Floorball Program starts at $500 + tax. The regular price for this program is $650 + tax however, where schools commit to the full 10 weeks a discount is applied.

NOTE: Both programs include all the floorball equipment (for up to 20 students) and instructions/ refereeing from a Floorball Canada Certified Instructor

What grade levels work best to demonstrate floorball?

Although floorball is easy to learn and play, and not limited to any grade level, experience has shown that the safest and more engaging grade levels run from grades 5 to 8. If a school prefers to introduce floorball to early grades or older grades, the Premier Floorball instructor should be made aware so he/she can adjust the program and bring age appropriate equipment/ teaching aids.

NOTE: Bear in mind that the number of students (teachers) participating in the School Floorball Workshop or After school/ Lunch Floorball Program and gym space will dramatically affect the quality and play time of floorball. The sport of floorball mimics soccer, so having a playing environment of ample space between players is ideal (i.e. large gym with fewer students is best). If the school facility is such that the gym space is small and the student numbers participating are large and the allotted time is short, it is difficult to properly demonstrate floorball. That being said, our Premier Floorball instructors have presented floorball to schools with small a gym, 30 students and 30 minutes per gym session- challenging but achievable.

Can a school purchase floorball equipment directly from Premier Floorball?

Yes. There are two options with purchasing floorball equipment for a school. The FIRST is to purchase the pre packaged Hockey Canada School Floorball Kit (12 floorball sticks, 12 floorball balls, stick bag, 10 week school curriculum). These kits come in Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School sizes, with stick lengths being the difference.

The SECOND option is to customize a floorball kit of your own. In this option, it is best to speak directly to a Premier Floorball instructor about school budget, grade levels, use of floorball equipment (teaching, in school game play, competitions).

Because Premier Floorball purchases so many sticks, balls and nets we have the ability to charge less for floorball equipment than retailers.

What do I need to do as a Phys-ed/ Athletic Director during the school workshop?

For the most part, a Premier Floorball instructor can manage the School Floorball Workshop and After School/ Lunch Floorball Program. Where we are disadvantaged are knowing the behaviours of the students and which students play best with each other, so that during the games, the teams are balanced. If possible, we would like to see the Phys-Ed/ Athletic Director participate in playing, refereeing, time keeping, score keeping or cheering on students. It is expected, however, that any behaviour issues that arise from students not be left to the Premier Floorball instructor to address.

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