Premier Floorball offers Hockey Cross-Training (the best form of off-ice training) for Minor Hockey Associations. Hockey Canada supports Floorball and has developed a floorball program for schools across Canada. It is excellent for cardiovascular conditioning, development of improved stick handling skills, and is a great team-building activity. We offer floorball training workshops for minor hockey teams.

The goals of our Hockey Cross-Training Program are to:

  • provide players an opportunity to develop stick handling, passing, and shooting skills using similar playing techniques as ice hockey, but in a gym
  • help players become better conditioned (aerobic) by using drills and/or mini games that require speed, agility and many transition movements during play
  • help players increase their decision making (“mind speed“) via high tempo games in a smaller gym area, and challenge them to view and choose their options quicker
  • work with coaching staff to plan, demonstrate and execute ‘controlled’ ice hockey systems in a space that is less expensive than an rink ice
  • create an environment where the players are having FUN and not realizing that they are improving their hockey skills

Our Process:

  • we rent a gym
  • provide all the floorball equipment
  • provide a Floorball Canada Certified Facilitator to introduce your team to the basic floorball rules
  • get your players playing mini games

Depending on your coaches preferences, we can also take your players through a series of hockey-type skills drills to work on your teams tactics and systems.

Prices start at $65.00. If needed, Premier Floorball can provide insurance and a gym. These options and pricing will be presented during registration.

Contact us today to book your hockey cross-training session!

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