Floorball fast and exciting hockey-like sport. The game objective is to score in the opposing teams net. Below is a list of floorball rules.

Length of match: 3, 20-minute intervals

Players: 5 on 5 for official games, but it can play as little as 3 on either side plus goalies.

Not Permitted:

  • Checking, lifting, pinning or hacking is not permitted. Players must use their positioning to go for the ball instead of the stick or the opposing player’s body. If contact is made to a player or their floorball stick, one free hit is awarded to the player who was hit.
  • Sticks must stay below the waist when shooting and sticks must stay below the knee when making contact with the ball.
  • No pushing, shoving or checking. Incidental shoulder-to-shoulder contact is allowed when battling for a ball.
  • A player is not permitted to play the ball with their head, hands or arms.
  • There are no offside or icing calls.
  • Infractions will either result in a free-hit or a 2-minute penalty depending on the nature of the foul.

Penalties Include:

  • Stick interference – lifting, slashing, holding
  • High stick – making a contract with the ball using their stick above knee level, or raising stick above the waist at any time (backswing or follow-through)
  • Hands – use of hands to play or touch the ball
  • Feet – use of feet to pass to another player (allowed to kick the ball once onto their own stick)
  • Head – playing the ball with your head
  • Jump – players must have at least one foot on the floor when touching the ball
  • Playing from the ground – players cannot go down on two knees to make plays or block shots
  • Playing your stick between another player’s legs – not permitted (results in a free-hit)
  • Illegal distance – defensive players (on their sticks) cannot be within 3 meters of the ball on a free-hit
  • Crease violation – defensive players (including their sticks) cannot be inside the goalie create (can lead to either a penalty shot or free-hit)